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Basketball Player

Athletic & Skills Training

Developmentally appropriate training for younger athletes who are looking to improve their overall skills.  We emphasize teaching the elements of athleticism, helping to develop fundamental movement skills, strength, balance, and proprioception (body awareness) while emphasizing joint health and safety. The result is confident young athletes who are set up for success as they grow and become more involved in the sports they love to play.

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      About Me

My name is Coach Scottie McCall. I have been around sports all my life. I believe that every child should participate in sports not just for the physical benefits but also for the mental and social. Sports teach young men and women how to corporate as a team, follow directions in hectic situations and how to win and to lose.  


Sign up your son or daughter for athletic training today to help build confidence. Some areas that we focus on are: footwork, reflexes, conditioning, and more. Each session lasts 45 mins and consists of various activities to strengthen skills. 

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We are excited about the future of McCall Wellness and the awesome Fitness classes that will be added.  Stay connected for more info!

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