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Christ-Centered Counseling


We strive to provide the most ethical, professional, and qualified care possible. Through integrating our faith and clinical training, we can offer Biblically sound and psychologically skilled approaches to life’s struggles.

Faith-based, professional, qualified counseling care.

Family Counseling

Couples Counseling

Individual Counseling

Biblical counseling wherever you are.

When dealing with life’s struggles, it helps to have someone to talk to. Sometimes it’s hard to meet for a counseling session at our offices.  You may be too busy, live too far away, stuck at work, or have trouble finding childcare.


We offer Biblically sound and clinically skilled counseling available wherever you may be. Whether you are looking for individual help, marriage counseling, or family counseling with virtual sessions (also known as telehealth), you meet with one of our licensed counselors from the comfort of your home or office.

Marlina McCall, MA, LPCC
Professional K-12th School Counselor
Owner and Clinical Director


(505) 357-0004



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